Fill & Press Without the Mess

Cold pressed juice that never touches the machine.

Smart Juicing

For a Better Life

Juisir is now proudly branded JUlaVIE

Making Juicing a Healthy Habit to Keep

How does it work?

1 Put fruit and vegetables into the juicing bag

2 Insert the juicing bag and close the safety cover

3 Begin juicing with one-button and the juice will be ready after 90 seconds

This process works the same for both disposable and reusable outer-bags.

Juice in 90 seconds

Place the juicing bag in the machine and simply touch the button. 90 Seconds later you have fresh juice.


No Mess Just Juice

Juicing bags are designed so that no fruit or juice ever touch the machine, making clean up easier than ever before.

More Nutrition Through

Cold Press Juicing

Less oxygen is introduced to the juice so it stays fresh longer, preserves more nutrition and is easier to digest.

Reusable & Recyclable

Juicing Bags

The multi-use bags can either be washed and reused up to 1000 times OR single-use bags can be recycled after each use.

Leo Chen, our co-founder and CEO, spearheaded a funding campaign for the development of Juisir, an innovative juicing machine boasting 8 tons of force that requires no cleaning. The team’s experience and passion impressed the global market so much that it went on to raise $750K in just 4 months. The team’s commitment to healthy living made us realize that we don’t want to just sell a machine – we want to engage you in a lifestyle change. Hence, we present the bolder and more inspirational JUlaVie. It’s time to start smart juicing for a better life.

Best Cold Press Juicers

If you are like many people, you made the New Year’s resolution to start eating healthy. However, the average person struggles to take in the suggested five to nine servings of fruits and veggies each day.

Whether you lack time to make fresh salads and smoothies, or you just don’t know where to start, beginning a new diet can be intimidating. Luckily, there’s a simple way to enjoy your favorite produce, all at the touch of a button!

JuLaVie is proud to make the most efficient cold press juicer on the market. In just 90 seconds, you can enjoy fresh, delicious juice without having a mess to clean afterward. Safe, fast, and better for you than traditional dieting products – you can finally enjoy fresh pressed juice made at home.

If you have been searching for a way to take in nutrients without wasting time, our cold press juicers are for you. Let us help you achieve your health goals this year!

Cold Pressed Juicers

The secret to offering the best juicer for greens and fruits is doing things differently. How many products operate the same way, and how many can say they provide real, tangible benefits?

If you are relying on juicing machines that blend, heat, and destroy fruits and veggies, you are losing out on a ton of nutrition and vitamins. Juice shouldn’t merely be pulverized plants. Instead it should help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Our machine operates differently. Using eight tons of pressure created by a tool that will not become dirty, the beneficial components of your fruits and vegetables come through intact. No longer are you making a mess for nothing; you are squeezing out pure, fresh juice in under two minutes.

By avoiding heat and blending techniques, you avoid ruining the beverage. Heat will oxide the ingredients, destroying beneficial nutrients before the juice even touches your lips!

Blending fruit and vegetables is no good, either. Not only are blenders messy, but they don’t create what you were expecting.

Instead, you could pour a glass of vibrant, fresh juice with a simple push of a button. There is no cleanup, no sour or “off” taste, and no question that you’re doing right by your body.

Not Your Average Vegetable Juicer

Creating fruit and vegetable juice at home is nothing new. In fact, juice machines have been on the market for decades.

So how is it that so few people are enjoying the benefits of juicing? Mostly, because cheap machines just don’t work.

When a blender-based machine operates, it creates chunks out of whatever you put into it. That allows for the denser, thicker bits to fall to the bottom of the glass each time.

If you are incorporating a variety of ingredients at the same time, you won’t have a cohesive blend. These juicers also wind up including a ton of air into the mixture, oxidizing the fruits and vegetables before you’ve even had a chance to enjoy them!

The JuLaVie cold press, on the other hand, won’t ruin your favorite ingredients. By using a tremendous amount of force, every drop of nutrient is squeezed out without oxidation.

The result is a glass of pure fruit or vegetable juice. Our process makes the best drink possible, one that is more appealing and far tastier than anything bought in a store!

Fast, convenient, and nutritious, you won’t believe how great your juice creations taste. If you’re tired of buying cheap products that don’t work, let us help you make the switch!

No Gimmick Juicing Recipes

Some machines try to entice you with a free recipe book full of ideas you’ve never tried. However, more often than not, there’s a reason why you haven’t.

Most of these included books involve fad diet choices, as well as throwing ingredients together to see what happens. While some of these recipes may be tasty, others are downright nasty.

Instead, we believe the best recipe comes from whatever type of juice you want. Our best cold press allows you to juice nearly anything that you want!

Whether you’re looking for a better glass of orange juice with breakfast or a healthy snack throughout the day, you won’t find a better product around. Just fill the bag with your favorite fruits and veggies, and the JuLaVie takes care of the rest!

Cold Press vs. Masticating Juicer

Cold pressed is a term that merely means no heat is involved in the process. Other juicers may rely on some form of heat in their process so that their juice undergoes the pasteurization process.

Most food and beverages that you purchase from the grocery store get pasteurized, which helps keep them on the shelves for longer. In fact, heat-pasteurized juice products may be consumed as much as a month after creating them.

However, how fresh do you think that glass of juice is going to taste? And if you’re only going to leave it in the refrigerator for a month, why even bother juicing at all?

Cold-pressed juice should be for immediate drinking. Without heat or pasteurization, it won’t last longer than a few days.

This is ideal for those who intend to create a fruit or vegetable juice and enjoy it immediately. And with a wait time of only 90 seconds, you’ll certainly stick to your goals better!

With other juicers, you would then have to clean fruit and vegetable pulp out of multiple moving parts. Who wants to start every morning that way? With JuLaVie however, you don’t have to worry about all that messy cleanup, so there’s nothing stopping you from making yourself a fresh glass of juice every single day.

Another conventional technique in creating juice at home is using a masticating juicer. Mastication relies on an auger to rip apart fruit and vegetables.

That process is nearly identical to how your kitchen sink’s food disposal works. Imagine making juice with a garbage disposal!

The results are often as appetizing as they sound. In fact, many masticated juices require other ingredients to be added, just to improve the taste.

When that happens, it’s no longer a glass of 100% juice. Instead, it’s cheapened by sugars, additives, and other ingredients which just don’t belong.

Cold pressing juice, on the other hand, creates nothing but pure, healthy juice. There are no additives, and the mixture won’t separate because it comes out as one cohesive blend.

Without blending or masticating ingredients, you won’t have pockets of air oxidizing your components either. Each sip will taste as fresh as the first!

Better Juice Each Time

The difference in the end product is clear. Just one look at masticated or blended juice will show you that you aren’t getting the most from your ingredients.

There’s a reason that cold-pressed juice bars and cafes can charge higher prices for their beverages. The cold press process creates a superior drink each time.

The level of the vibrancy of the colors, as well as the rich taste, lets you know that you are only taking in what you put into the machine. 8 tons of force ensures that every drop lands in the glass!

But what about all the pulp and rinds? Unlike blenders and masticating juicers, you never have to fight against pulpy juice again!

The ingredients are first placed in a bag, either the recyclable one-time use ones or the reusable bags. Both types of packet are safe to use, and won’t diminish the taste of your juice.

The reusable ingredient bag is made of silicon and can last as long as 1,000 uses! The recyclable bag is made from food-safe thermoplastics and may be reused up to five times.

Once your preferred fruits and vegetables are in the bag, all you have to do is press the button. From there, eight tons of force is applied by the mechanisms inside, which never touch the ingredients.

Because juice remains in the bag, there are no messes to clean. Unlike blenders and masticating juicers, you won’t spend more time cleaning than you do enjoying your drinks!

Finally, the mixture passes through the juice filter, which collects any solid particles which didn’t break down. That leaves only a smooth juice, and not a thick, pulpy mess in your glass.

Why JuLaVie?

We know that you won’t find a more efficient juicing product anywhere else. Our primary goal is to provide the average person just like you a better method of creating healthy and delicious fruit and vegetable juices – one you will look forward to using every day.

Our cold pressed process isn’t just better for you, it’s also better for the environment. The JuLaVie reduces the amount of waste created by traditional juicing products, because there aren’t as many items getting thrown away.

On-demand beverage products are seemingly everywhere today, from one-cup coffee brewers to single serving soda machines. However, when you use these types of products, it creates a ton of waste that only winds up in landfills.

There are no plastic pods to insert and no additional packaging. Only the silicon or thermoplastic bags and whatever fruits and vegetables you want to toss in!

The filter contains the same materials as the food bags. That means no external additives wind up in your glass; only fresh on-demand juice each time.

How is JuLaVie Different from Other Juicers?

The cold press process not only makes juice that looks better but it tastes better. You can look forward to less oxidation, meaning that more nutrition is retained each time.

Other juicers leave behind unappetizing pulp. Or, worse still, they wind up straining out the good parts of the ingredients that you should be consuming.

When that occurs, you create a product that is mostly sugar and air. In fact, many of these “healthy” juices are more like soda products!

Fruits and vegetables juiced with the JuLaVie cold press, on the other hand, retain far more nutrients, delivering a superior juice each time. Our healthier products may aid in digestion, as well as provide more naturally occurring nutrients and vitamins compared to other machines.

If you want to start consuming healthier dishes, or just want to increase the number of portions of fruits and vegetables each day, our cold press juicer is right for you. In a matter of seconds, you can have a fresh, delicious glass of fresh pressed juice with just the press of a button!

Isn’t Juice Messy?

Making your own juice creates a huge mess and lots of waste – if you are using traditional machines and products. The average juice creation product blends, tears, and destroys ingredients, sending the plant material every which way.

Even if the machine has a contained dome, you still have to worry about the spray, residue, and sugary rings. Considering you receive a small amount of juice that has little to no nutrients, this is hardly worth the trouble.

Instead, the JuLaVie creates a smooth beverage without chunky pulp or rinds. And because we use a pressurized squeezing method, you wind up with more juice per ingredient!

It’s amazing how little waste is left behind. Our machine squeezes every single ounce of useable, nutritious ingredients, giving you a healthier beverage every time.

Less cleanup means more time to enjoy your beverage. How many other juicers require a ton of effort and not much in return?

Ours is the best juicer because it is meant to create a healthier, more nutritious beverage without the hassle. You never have to clean the press mechanism, and all the mess occurs within the bag.

A quick rinse is all that you will need. The cold press machine takes care of the rest!

Better Juicing Today

No matter what your goals for health and fitness may be this year, JuLaVie is here to assist you. By replacing sugary, fatty snacks with a nutritious glass of fresh made, cold-pressed juice, you can avoid tempting sweets and packaged foods.

Eating right doesn’t have to mean a daily struggle. Even if you find yourself short on time every day, just 90 seconds is all that you need!

If you are tired of fad diets that don’t work, and you don’t know how to eat healthier, treat yourself to the best juicer and let your imagination guide you! Just place whatever fresh ingredients you want inside of the bag, and you’ll have a better option within a few seconds.

If you are ready to start making healthy choices, then give yourself the gift of the best cold-press juicer on the market. Start enjoying better juice today with JuLaVie. We guarantee that each glass of fresh juice will taste as delicious as your very first one.