Fill & Press Without the Mess

Cold pressed juice that never touches the machine.

Smart Juicing

For a Better Life

Juisir is now proudly branded JUlaVIE

Making Juicing a Healthy Habit to Keep

How does it work?

1 Put fruit and vegetables into the juicing bag

2 Insert the juicing bag and close the safety cover

3 Begin juicing with one-button and the juice will be ready after 90 seconds

This process works the same for both disposable and reusable outer-bags.

Juice in 90 seconds

Place the juicing bag in the machine and simply touch the button. 90 Seconds later you have fresh juice.


No Mess Just Juice

Juicing bags are designed so that no fruit or juice ever touch the machine, making clean up easier than ever before.

More Nutrition Through

Cold Press Juicing

Less oxygen is introduced to the juice so it stays fresh longer, preserves more nutrition and is easier to digest.

Reusable & Recyclable

Juicing Bags

The multi-use bags can either be washed and reused up to 1000 times OR single-use bags can be recycled after each use.

Leo Chen, our co-founder and CEO, spearheaded a funding campaign for the development of Juisir, an innovative juicing machine boasting 8 tons of force that requires no cleaning. The team’s experience and passion impressed the global market so much that it went on to raise $750K in just 4 months. The team’s commitment to healthy living made us realize that we don’t want to just sell a machine – we want to engage you in a lifestyle change. Hence, we present the bolder and more inspirational JUlaVie. It’s time to start smart juicing for a better life.