Limited Edition Rose Gold JUlaVIE!

You can reserve a limited-edition ROSE GOLD version of the JUlaVIE available only during our USA presale.

Cold Pressed Juice
In Your Home

Jump start your day with a shot of uncomprimised nutrition.

All the good stuff – none of the bad!

No Oxidation
No Separation
No Foam
No Mess

Reserve Now for November 2018 Launch

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It’s worth a (nutrition) shot



1. Make your own TRUE cold-pressed juice at home


Just because someone calls their juicer or juice cold pressed- it does not mean it is. Slow pressed, maybe. Cold Pressed – check the facts

It’s practically what it says. If the juicing process involves using heat (chopping or churning), then it’s not cold. If it uses the blades or a grinder, then it’s not pressed. It’s that simple.

We understand why people would stretch the truth about being cold-pressed, because there are so many great things about it.

1. Less heat = less oxidation. Less oxidation = more nutrients.
2. Smooth Taste – zero pulp to get in your way or create annoying foam
3. No Separation – making storage and separation noticeably better

Omega masticating drill  - Home

A masticating part of a global juicer brand that sells for about $200

DSC06206 xiu - Home

Inside of JUlaVIE

JUlaVIE uses a press system with a force of up to 10 tons. No heat and air goes into contact with the juice, preserving most of its nutrients to give you optimum nutrition shots of smooth and delicious cold-pressed juice.

With JUlaVIE, juice stays fresh longer, contains more nutrients, and instantly enhances the immune system because there is no hard-to-digest fibrous pulp. With minimal preparation time and simple instruction, JUlaVIE makes getting the benefits of cold-pressed juice at home effortless.

CPJ Compare3 Small - Home

After 5 minutes of juicing (200g pear + 200g pomegranate); Juicer A is an Omega Juicer CNC80R Compact Nutrition System and Juicer B is a Breville Juice Fountain Cold BJE430SIL

To learn more about the benefits of cold pressed juice and what yield
to expect from various produce – click here!

2. A daily juicespresso – uncomprimised shots of nutrition

As busy humans, each morning we start our day with a boost of caffeine. JUlaVIE helps you to do the same thing with your fruits and vegetables.

We all know that the nutrients in fruits and vegetables helps to prevent illness and disease and can give us natural energy, but finding the time to work this into our day can be a huge challenge.

With JUlaVIE, in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee, you can start you day going in the right direction with a single, double or triple shot of nutrients. With our no-mess liner and filter system, clean up is a breeze and you are on your way.

JUlaVIE can create super smooth, uncomprimised shots of the fruits and vegetables you love – or have a hard time working into your daily diet.

We want to make you feel energized with a cold-pressed shots each.



Single Spinach - Home
SK Single - Home
Double Shot Pear 1 - Home
PB Double - Home
Triple Shot - Home
POK Triple - Home

With so many great combinations to help you give the nutritious boost your body craves – JUlaVIE will make you feel energized with cold-pressed shots each day, so you can continue making awesome healthy food choices throughout the day, all while boosting your immune system

Check out some of the shot combinations we love and see them being made
in our recipes page – click here!

3. It’s fill and press, without the mess!

With no machine to clean, a shot of cold pressed juice is ready in as little as 30 seconds.

img 1 - Home

Secure the Reusable Silicon Lining into the machine.

img 22 - Home

Fill inner filter liner with produce

img 23 - Home

Insert the filter inside the silicon lining within the machine. Close the lid and press juice button.

A single, double or triple shot of juice is ready in as little as 30 seconds.


The Reusable Silicon Liner is basically a removable part of the machine. You cannot juice without it. It is made of durable silicon material that is food-safe and BPA free. It’s inside has ridges that allows juice to flow downward to avoid overflow.

After use, you can just rinse it with running warm water and air dry, before storing or juicing again. It’s even dishwasher safe!

Liner - Home
Inner Filter1 - Home

The Inner Juicing Filter is where you put your produce before it goes inside the silicon liner inside the machine. It is made of high-quality nylon to make sure that it is food-safe and non- toxic.A juicing filter can be used up to 5 times per juicing session, just remove the dry pulp after juicing and rinse in running water.

The nylon material used for the filter is environment-friendly because it is highly recyclable.

To learn more about how our liner and filter system works – click here!

4. The strength of two elephants

JUlaVIE is the first at-home, commercial-grade, premium cold-pressed juicer that uses presses  capable of up to 10 tons of force. This means juice comes out fast (30 seconds) and requires very little prep to squeeze your produce to a pulp.

Using high-quality and durable parts, this machine can hold the presses that exert strength almost equal to two elephants.

Now that’s not something you hear from even the best juicers in the market today.

See how the machine works and review its specs – click here! crop - Home

5. A habit that is easier to keep

Shotss - Home

Easiest way to start and continue juicing at home the right way.

Use our juicer for quick shots of nutrition that are the right dose for you and the amount of fruit based sugars you want in your diet. Use a masticating or centrifugal juicer when you are in the mood for a whole pitcher.

What we care about is helping you keep up a habit that gives you the right amount of nutrition and sugars and doing it in a way that you will keep up the habit because it is quick and easy to use.

To get more nutrition hacks and tips for keeping healthy habits, check out our blog!

The best habits are the ones you keep! While there are cheaper juicers on the market, we believe the value of a JUlaVIE is that you will use it every day and actually start to see the nutritional benefits of a regular fresh juice habit when you sustain it over time. We encourage you to buy the juicer that is the right fit for your family and budget, but consider how expensive a cheap juicer is that you never use.

…All while being friendly to our planet!

Simply place fruits or vegetables in the reusable liners, set the liner in the machine, press the button and you’ll have a vibrant shot-glass of fresh pressed juice in seconds. The reusable and recyclable liner system makes JUlaVIE mess-free with minimal clean up time required.

The silicon lining can be used up to 1,000 times.

The recyclable filter can be used up to 5 times in a single session and easily recycled after each use.

Don’t just take our word for it – see what others are saying!


Good Design 1 - Home

For eight decades since its inception, The Chicago Athenaeum continues the organization of the program to create an awareness about contemporary design and to honor both products and industry leaders in design and manufacturing that have chartered new directions for innovation and pushed the envelope for competitive products in the world marketplace.

Learn more about the award here!


Press - Home

Get your own made-to-order JUlaVIE in the

Available only to the first 1,000 orders during our June-August 2018 pre-sale

To celebrate our US launch, we are releasing an EXCLUSIVE ROSE GOLD LIMITED EDITION JUlaVIE! This lustrous and premium color is of limited quantity so grab the opportunity to reserve a unit for yourself while our supplies last!


Rose Gold Limited Edition

30-seconds cold-pressed juice up to 10 tons of force

Reserve now for as low as $199
+ 9 monthly payments of $49.99 when product ships
(for those who qualify)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
2 Year Warranty
Reserve Now for November 2018 Launch

Each JUlaVIE comes with one silicon liner
and 24 reusable filters.

Also available in our standard colors

juicer silver white color - Home

Silver White

juicer image portrait - Home


$199 Deposit
+ 9 monthly payments of $49.99* when product ships
(*for those who qualify)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
2 Year Warranty
Reserve Now for November 2018 Launch

Each JULaVIE comes with 1 reusable liner and 24 reusable filters

The more you know…

Why JUlaVIE?

We know that you won’t find a more efficient juicing product anywhere else. Our primary goal is to provide the average person just like you a better method of creating healthy and delicious fruit and vegetable juices – one you will look forward to using every day.

We know how good our juicer looks on paper, but ultimately, the best cold-press juicer on the market is the one you will actually end up using. The next generation of juicing at home means that it is easier than ever to create fresh, healthy, and delicious juice right in your own kitchen.

With today’s busy lifestyle, it seems like no one these days has a moment to spare. But with JUlaVIE, a lack of time doesn’t have to hold you back from enjoying freshly squeezed juice anytime you want it! Your juice is ready and waiting for you in less than two minutes. Whether you are an experienced chef, or can barely boil water, the JUlaVIE cold press home juicer is so simple, you will actually enjoy using it.

Better Juicing Today

No matter what your goals for health and fitness may be this year, JUlaVIE is here to assist you. By replacing sugary or fatty snacks with a nutritious glass of fresh made, cold-pressed juice, you can avoid tempting sweets and packaged foods. Eating right doesn’t have to mean a daily struggle. Even if you find yourself short on time every day, just 90 seconds is all that you need!

If you are tired of fad diets that don’t work, and you don’t know how to eat healthier, treat yourself to the best juicer on the market, and let your imagination guide you! Just place whatever fresh ingredients you want inside of the bag, and you’ll have a better option within a few seconds.

If you are ready to start making healthy choices, then give yourself the gift of the best cold-press juicer on the market. Start enjoying better juice today with JUlaVIE. We guarantee that each glass of fresh juice will taste as delicious as your very first one.

Check out our blog for healthy habit hacks!

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