Story Behind JUlaVIE

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Smart Juicing

For a Better Life

In January 2017, Leo Chen, our co-founder and CEO, spearheaded a funding campaign for the development of a juicing machine. Together with the team’s wealth of experience, excellent reputation, and passion for pursuing healthy living, Juisir was born.

We know how juicing can be too much work – from slicing, pressing, up to cleaning. That is why we came up with an innovative machine that not only boasts 8 tons of force, it also requires zero cleaning. The warm reception of the global market to Juisir was evident when we were able to raise $750K in just four months since we launched it on Kickstarter.

Staying true to our commitment to healthy living, we realized that we just don’t want to sell a machine – we want you to experience a lifestyle innovation. So, now we introduce to you JUlaVIE, smart juicing for a better life.

Leo Chen


Leo Chen - About Us

BSc Economics and Business Administration
Royal Holloway University of London
MSc Management
Cass Business School

Awarded Forbes China “3030”
– the TOP 30 young entrepreneurs under 30 years old
One of the 150 global “most outstanding entrepreneurs” of 2016. Invited by US State Government to attend the Global Entrepreneurs summit in 2016, hosted by President Obama.

Micheal Liu


Micheal Liu - About Us

BSc Management
Royal Holloway University of London

Founded a commercial insurance agency.
Founded iTaste Shanghai with Leo Chen.

Tak Chi Lee

Chief Designer

Tak Chi Lee - About Us

Deputy Dean of School of Design HKPU

Awarded many international prizes, including the golden prize of the 56th The World’s Innovation of Science and Technology Expo in Brussels, Belgium, Red Dot Award of Design Concept 2015.

Holly Sharp

Global Brand Manager

holly sharp - About Us

University of Michigan, MBA

Founded: Purple Spread, a crowdfunding education platform designed to help makers launch epic products into the world.

Edison Yang

Chief Engineer

Edison Yang - About Us

Extensive experience innovating single serve machines for over a decade with companies like LAVAZZA and ILLY.