Sometimes, when we cook our dishes or make our healthy juice recipes, we’re often left with some leftover peels, pulps, and even spare untouched produce. Have you ever thought that your fruits and vegetables’ peels and leftovers can be used in many other life hacks other than compost? We’ve rounded up 10 amazing hacks you can use with fruits and vegetable leftovers


These hacks will not only help you maximize your food and limit wastage. It can also help you save a few pennies on some of these homemade and organic items.

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1. Citrus Peel Cleaner

If you have an abundance of lemon or orange peels, you can easily make your own all-purpose cleaner using those and vinegar! Mix equal parts of vinegar and water and soak the peels in it. Transfer to a sprayer/atomizer and get a grime-busting, fresh-smelling, all-natural cleaner.

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2. Vegetable Stock

If you accidentally over-bought ingredients to your dish and find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of leftover vegetables, then fret no more. Just toss all those excess vegetables in one pot for a healthy and hearty pot of flavorful broth that can be used in different ways

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3. Puffy Eyes Peel

Well, we all know that cucumbers work wonders to reduce puffiness of the eyes and minimize your eye bags, but did you know that a raw potato can also do the same? For immediate results (although not permanent), put potato slices on your eyes – you can also use potato peels – for a few minutes.

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4. Fruity Popsicles

Did you have a lunch date or dinner party and served up a bountiful plate of fresh fruit slices? What happens when the party’s over and you’re left with a whole lot of fruity goodness? If you’re worried about them spoiling even before you can consume them all, try pureeing these fruits slices and pour in popsicle molds for snacking on later. Make the texture exciting by adding in chopped pieces of berries, nuts, or chocolates. This is a treat that will be enjoyed by everyone – young and adults alike.

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5. Avocado Moisturizer

Did you know that the avocado’s peel contains a lot of fatty acids which are amazing for your skin and hair? This super fruit is not only good for your heart; it can also make you look good from the outside. Grab the avocado peel and rub it over your face and hair, leave on for 20 minutes, and rinse it off. You’ll instantly feel the difference.

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6. Ant-Buster

If there is an ant invasion (okay, not an invasion but more than a few) in your home but you don’t’ want to use insecticides to rid of them, you can use cucumber peels as alternative. It sounds crazy but a lot of people swear by it. Just take your cucumber peesl, find out the entry point of these ants and leave the peels there overnight. Ants are aversive to cucumber and will not return. This hack is child and pet friendly and will cost relatively nothing compared to buying a bug spray which can also be harmful.

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6. Citrus Shine

Tarnished stainless steel, copper, and chrome pots and pans are such an eye sore. Bring back their shine and grime-free look by rubbing lemon peels on the stained surface. The peels citric content will help break down the stain and restore your kitchenware’s shine. This hack also works with variations of citric fruits like lime and grapefruit.

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Now if you’re a frequent juicer and you’re almost always disposing fruit and veggie pulp, maybe we can help you out. There are a lot of ways to maximize produce pulp if you just know where to look. However, the problem lies when it’s not convenient to collect the pulp because of the design of your juicer. In comes JUlaVIE, an at-home cold-pressed juicer that unlike other popular juicers, collects all the pulp inside a filter bag for easy collection and disposal. Yes, you no longer have to scoop out the nook and crannies of your juicer for every bit of pulp stuck in your machine. Learn more about it’s no mess system here.

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8. Flavorful Dips

Sometimes when we use a juicer, we end up with pulp that we have no idea where to use. Try scooping out the pulp and simmer it in a little water, add butter or cream and add in your favorite spices to come up with a very flavourful appetiser dip for your bread. If you can imagine, there are countless combinations you can do with it for bread, tacos, and chip dips like spinach ranch, hearty salsa, carrot and sour cream, the list goes on!

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9. Meatball Extenders

This is a perfect hack for your picky eaters. Kids love meatballs with their spaghetti. This is the perfect opportunity to sneak in some greens in their meals. Vegetable pulp from your juicing session can mixed with ground meat and spices as extenders to create your meatballs. These fibre rich goodies won’t taste any different from your regular meatballs, but they sure are healthier and more dynamic.

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10. Pulp Crackers

And finally, turn yourfruity pulp into these crunchy and addictive snacks. They’re practically guilt-free, so you can snack on them for as long as you want. Take your fruit pulp (3 cups), add in some chia seeds (1/4 cup), a half cup of chickpea flour, and 1 cup of water. Combine them in a food processor if you want a smoother consistency or just mix them well together in a bowl. Spread on a baking sheet and bake at 350F for about 40 minutes. Cool and slice.

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The next time you’re thinking about immediately disposing your leftover fruits and vegetables, remember that there a lot of hacks all over the internet that can help you turn your food wastage into amazing health and life hacks.