Juicing Bags Keep the Machine Clean!

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The JUlaVIE comes with two kinds of juicing bags

Reusable Juicing Bag and Recyclable Juicing Bags

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Reusable Juicing Bag




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Recyclable Juicing Bags




Also included are the juicing filters, which is where the produce goes. These are essential items to give you the simplest, quickest, and cleanest cold-press juicing experience.

You might be a bit hesitant about all these juicing bags and filters because it seems wasteful having to throw them away – we’ve thought about it, too! That’s why our team made sure that we come up with the most environment-friendly materials.

Outer Juicing Bag Option 1

Reusable Bag

The reusable bag is made of silicone material, is easy to rinse and can be used up to 1000 times. This is the prefered bag by most of our JUlaVIE fans as it is durable, safe and easy on the environment. When you are done using they can be easily recycled in special facilities, but you can also recycle it in your own home! There is a lot of information on the web that can help you recycle silicone to new useful things such as baking and cooking molds!

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Rinse the reusable outer bag for easy clean up

Juicing Filters:

Meanwhile, our juice filters are made of polyamide. This is a food grade material, meaning they preserve the purity of food or produce when used as a container. They are non-toxic, high-quality materials that are endorsed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Again, they are made of a thermoplastic that is easy to reheat and reform to be used again. You can feel confident when putting this filter into your recycling bin that it will be reborn easily.

Fill the bag according to your own preference

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Outer Juicing Bag Option 2

Recyclable Bag

These bags can be used multiple times in one juicing session and if cleaned well, reused. However, they are not designed for extensive reuse and can burst if used too many times. As these were introduced during our crowdfunding campaign, we continue to offer them in some markets for the time being. Our recyclable bags are made of mixed polyethylene and polyamide material.

PE and PA are called thermoplastics because of their property to turn into liquid form when they reach their melting point. This is in contrast to thermoset plastics which can only be reheated and reformed once. Thermoplastic materials are easily more recyclable than their counterpart because of their composition. Waste thermoplastics can be melted into their liquid form and reshaped. Recycling them can lead to the creation of new and durable plastic products that are both effective and environmentally friendly.

recylable - juicing bags

Reuse the recyclable outer bag up to 5 times per juicing session or simply recycle.

We genuinely want to give people an easy way to be healthier in their lives through more consistent consumption of nutrient packed juice. We want to do the same for the earth at the same time. We have done our absolute best to create a product that delivers great function and safety while offering you the options for easy reuse and recycling. If you are JUlaVIE user, we hope you will choose the most sustainable option for you and be sure to recycle each and every time you use our product.