Lack of nutrition is scary

We know that unhealthy eating leads to major illnesses and even death, but how grave is it exactly? According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s study in 2016, there is an estimated 33.9% of US adults (aged 20 and above) that are overweight, 35.1&% obese, and 6.4% extremely obese.

Unhealthy diet contributes to approximately 680,000 deaths annually in the US due to nutrition and obesity-related diseases.

These kinds of deaths are from complications stemming from as simple as lack of good diet and nutrition. You see, when your body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs to function, it can be the springboard for development of heart diseases, diabetes, and even cancer.

In comes, cold-pressed juicing. You’ve probably heard of it before. It’s basically stripping most of the solid pulp of your produce leaving you with just 100% pure juice. It’s difference from other juicers is that it doesn’t use blades or grinders to avoid oxidation and heat-transfer which can both destroy the produce’s nutrients before you can even get it in your body.

Can juicing really help detox?

cold press juice


Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of nutrients, especially antioxidants that can help in cleansing the body of toxins. Now don’t get it wrong, our bodies function to normally remove harmful toxins on its own, especially if you have a healthy liver and kidneys.

However, we cannot demerit these fruits and vegetables for their cleansing properties and countess benefits. Pairing it with a proper diet and an active lifestyle, you’ll be able to maximize the benefits for an overall healthy body.

You can juice any single produce at will, or combine two, three, or even five for your healthy concoction, but be wary of the sugar content that some juice combinations contain. We’ve rounded up a few amazing fruits and vegetable combinations that work together for maximum cleansing effect.

1. Carrot and Orange

2 Single Carrot Shots - Cleansing Champions: Amazing Juicing Combinations for Detox

The trusty carrot is loaded with vitamins A, B, C, E, and K; as well as magnesium, potassium, and calcium. These aid in fighting inflammation & congestion, protect eyesight and brain function, not to mention, they’re amazing for your skin and hair.

Oranges on the other hand, are your natural sweeteners packed with rich vitamin C and antioxidants. It will give your carrot base juice a refreshing kick perfect for the carrot’s subtle, earthy taste. PROTIP: Add a thumb of ginger if you want a bit of a kick.

Check out how easy it is to prepare this juice using JUlaVIE Cold Pressed Juicer


2. Celery and Apple

Kale - Cleansing Champions: Amazing Juicing Combinations for Detox


Celery is known for it’s diuretic properties or the ability to allow to pass urine properly. By combining it with apple, a known super fruit that helps you when you’re constipated, you get a one-of-a-kind juice combo that specializes in ridding the body of excess toxins.

The high amount of sodium in celery and the iron in apple makes any juice with these produce perfect as a post-workout drink.  We tried upping the game by adding kale, cucumber, and lime for a power-packed detox drink.


3. Beet Root and Pineapple

DSC06437 - Cleansing Champions: Amazing Juicing Combinations for Detox


Had a guilty weekend chomping down on steaks and bbq? Then this juice combo can help you out. Beet juice improves blood flow and lower your blood pressure, while pineapple aids in preventing blood clots (reducing risk of heart attack). It also has digestive enzymes which can be really helpful against Irritable Bowel Syndrome and bloating.

Pineapple, even in pressed form, is still fibrous in nature which can be beneficial to cleanse your body from too much toxins accumulated over the week from too much work, fast food, and stress.

Let us show you again how a super juice like this can be easily done in a matter of minutes with the JUlaVIE Cold-Pressed Juicer:

There are many other amazing fruit and vegetable combinations all over the web. These are just some that we’ve tested (and liked!) If you want to see more amazing juice recipes made with JUlaVIE, visit our recipes page