Cold Press Juicers

Cold Press Juicers

A cold press or a masticating juicer is a kind of juicer which uses a masticating procedure to produce juice from vegetables and fruits. This is referred to as a cold press technique, since minimal, to no heat is active in the procedure of separating the juice from the flesh of the vegetables and fruits that you’re juicing. This is desirable to various other techniques of juicing, primarily because cold pressed juice retains much more of the helpful nutrition and enzymes that the fresh fruits and veggies posses. The greater amount of heat generated in the procedure of juicing, the far more nutrients lost. Julavie has developed the newest and most effective cold press juicers that are currently available on the market today.

The Julavie cold press juicers are referred to as the number one rated juicers that produce the highest yield of juice per each piece of fruits and vegetables. Our unique juicing system is technologically advanced, but the remarkable system is simple to operate, and there is literally no clean up required after the juicing process is completed. Our juicing system relies on the force of power that the vegetables and fruits are subjected to, instead of heating techniques. This allows the fruits and vegetables to retain more of the natural nutrients that are found in them, leading to a healthier and more tasteful drink for you and your family.

As stated, a cold press juicer uses a masticating procedure to sort the juice from the flesh of the produce. This is accomplished by utilizing a screw auger that squeezes and crushes the produce to receive the juice. This is much more desirable than utilizing a centrifugal juicer or perhaps a blender, as both strategies will generate a lot of heat, therefore destroying enzymes and nutrients. Also, centrifugal juicers, which work with a spinning blade to get rid of the juice from the produce, will suck air into the juice due to the blades’ rotating motion. This particular air flow will result with the juice becoming a lot more frothy.

One more drawback to the heat which is produced is that this is going to cause oxidation and also make the juice break down faster, which means it is able to not be kept long. Juice from a centrifugal juicer is good for approximately twenty four hours, where as juice from a cold press juicer may be saved for as long as three days. A cold pressed juicer is going to use a lot less produce to create the very same quantity of juice, which will allow you to save money over time, which is one of the many reasons for their popularity.

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