Cold-Pressed Juice

We could ramble on about all the scientific reasons why cold pressed juice is better for you. For example, the cold press juicing process uses less heat and creates less oxidation. At the end of the day, however, the best juice for you is the type you will actually drink. We know that the easier your fresh pressed juice is to make, the more you will keep up the daily habit. The real power of juicing is when you keep up the habit regularly over time.


Let us show you what we mean

What is Cold-Pressed Juice?

Many juicers and juice brands claim that they are cold-pressed. Here’s the deal, if it’s not cold or doesn’t have a press, it’s not cold-pressed. “Cold-Pressed” refers to how the juice is extracted from fruits and vegetables. Centrifugal juicers (traditional juicers) use fast-spinning blades that generate some heat which can destroy enzymes and compromise the nutrients. Cold-pressed juicers use a slow hydraulic press to extract juice. This process does not introduce heat, hence the term ‘cold-pressed’.

How is Cold-Pressed Juice different from others?

As the juice aisle keeps expanding to include a whole range of healthy (and not so healthy) options, it gets harder to know what you’re getting and if they have the  sufficient nutrients you want or need. We’ve summed up 3 of the most challenging obstacle when it comes to juicing, and why cold-pressed juice is the better choice.

Enemy #1. Froth & Foam
We’ve made a double shot of some our favorite recipes to show what makes cold pressed juice taste so great.

CPJ Compare1 Small - Cold-Pressed Juice
After 5 minutes (200g pear + 200g spinach)

CPJ Compare3 Small - Cold-Pressed Juice

After 5 minutes (200g pear + 200g pomegranate)

CPJ Compare2 Small - Cold-Pressed Juice
After 5 minutes (200g pear + 150g apple + 50g spinach)

When you use other home juicing machines, including some of the best home juicers available today, the freshly made juice tends to separate in your glass. That’s because many of these juicers rely on metal blades, which cut and break the fruit pieces as they spin around at a high velocity. These blades often grind the pieces of fruit and vegetables unevenly.

The heavier fruit pulp sinks to the bottom while the lighter pieces float on top, creating a layer of froth. Some of them even claim to be cold-press as they are slower, but they don’t use a press and still grind fruit. Grinding still creates pulp which leads to foam and separation.

In some cases, the separation is so extreme that you either have to dump a portion of the juice to get rid of the froth and foam, or drink your juice like a poorly poured beer, avoiding the foam on the top to get to the good stuff underneath. Sometimes the juice requires constant stirring even as you drink it, to keep the pulp from separating from the juice. That doesn’t sound very appetizing to us.

CPJ Girl - Cold-Pressed Juice

With the upgraded JUlaVIE X, our cold pressed juice will never have that issue. This is because only the pure juice gets through, creating the most refreshing juice you have ever had. The consistency is smooth and appealing, and you’ll never have to scoop a layer of foam off the top of your fresh pressed fruit or vegetable juice ever again.


Juicer A: Omega Juicer CNC80R Compact Nutrition System.                  

Juicer B: Breville Juice Fountain Cold BJE430SIL

Enemy #2. Storage

What you see when the juice comes out of the juicer is just the beginning of the separation that happens. Look at juice made in a cold pressed juicer vs. a traditional juicer after it has been stored in a fridge for just 2 hours. Imagine how much greater the separation gets if stored overnight or for a few days.

In a study done by in a certified third party lab, you can see the change in texture of cold pressed juice vs. a traditional juicer over time.

See the video below.

CPJ Ref - Cold-Pressed Juice

Enemy #3. Keeping up the habit

The cold hard truth is that even if the best traditional juicers were just as healthy as JUlaVIE X, how much nutrition are you actually getting if you never use them? Of course the only way to make the most out of your home juicing system is to use it regularly!

Not only does JUlaVIE X create endless varieties of nutrient-rich, cold pressed vegetable and fruit juices, it does so in under two minutes. We’ve also eliminated the biggest hassle in home juicing – the cleanup process! This means that you’ll actually use your juicer on a daily basis, ensuring that your body is receiving all the nutrients you expect when choosing to purchase an at-home juicing machine.

Some people want to make a triple shot of juice and save some of it for later. Or make up a shot of juice for easy consumption in the morning. JUlaVIE X makes juice that is as good the next day as when you made it

Shots - Cold-Pressed Juice

With the JUlaVIE X liner and filter system, you get the delicious flavor of cold pressed juice, without the hassle of assembly and cleaning – which is what prevents most people from keeping up the daily habit of juicing.

Don’t reserve juicing only for weekends or days when you have time to go through a whole, messy process. We understand that if you had an extra 45 minutes each day for juicing, nutrition and fitness might be a breeze.

We have referenced a few studies and a bit of science below, but we would argue that it’s even simpler than that. The JUlaVIE X cold pressed juicer is the best home juicer primarily because YOU WILL ACTUALLY USE IT!

Whether you make a single, double, or triple shot of juice – you can get a punch of maximum nutrition in just as little as 30 seconds EVERY DAY!

Is Cold-Pressed Juice readily available anywhere like other juices?

The popularity of juicing has led to an increase in the variety of juices available in juice bars and grocery stores. In recent years, cold-pressed juice has become more and more popular among juice enthusiasts.

Premium cold-pressed bottled juice can be easily picked up on grocery aisles or just fall in line in juice bars to get your cold pressed fix. For many, these options are convenient especially since they think juicing at home is an arduous task.

However, with JUlaVIE X, cold-press juicing at home is now an easy and fun activity, that everybody in the family can enjoy. The advantages of cold press juicing at home include saving a lot because you buy your own produce, you have the freedom to select which produce to use and how many, plus the fact that you know you’re using only the freshest fruits and vegetables without worrying about additives and preservatives that bottled cold-pressed juice may contain.

In the store, there is not real regulation around what can be called cold press and is often used as a marketing slogan vs. truly being so. If it is refrigerated, there is a chance it is cold pressed, but often with few choices for flavors. If it is in the shelf stable section – it is not possible to be pure cold pressed with out preservatives being added, which defeats the point.

CPJ Pom - Cold-Pressed Juice

Your best bet is a cold pressed juice bar but at $1 per day JUlaVIE X is a far better bargain than $8-$10 juice and you control the quality of the produce and cleanliness of the machine.

And, many times when drinking large glasses of juice, your body may be taking in more sugars than it needs. JUlaVIE X is the perfect way to get just the right amount of the rawest, freshest most nutrient dense liquid from fruits and vegetables without any compromise to the integrity of the produce, no foam, no separation. Now, you can make your own in the comfort of your home.

What if I want a full glass of juice vs. just a shot?

Here are some tips to help you out:

1. All of our triple shot recipes will make 1-1.5 cups of juice – a typical glass of juice. If you prefer to drink a full glass, no problem, just head over to our recipes page and check our triple shot recipes.

2. If you want more than just one shot of our single shot recipes, you can pull the dry pulp out of the filter and use it again and at 30-90 seconds, it’s easy to make more than one.

3. We recommend that you look at the percentage (%) of your daily sugars that a full glass represents so that you are getting the most optimal amount of nutrition out of your juicing experience.

DSC00109 - Cold-Pressed Juice

Optimum Nutrition Shot

How does the output of JULaVIE X’s Nutritional Shot Cold Pressed Juicer compare to a traditional juicer?

Looking at the chart below, you will see that in general the 8 tons of force is on par with the 2 most popular types of juicers. Because we are pressing out the nutrition instead of using blades or masticating it, we end up with slightly less output on roots like beetroot and carrot. Also, remember, as the focus of JUlaVIE X is nutritious shots of differing doses, you can not put endless amounts into your juicer as you can a traditional juicer and our recipes result in various levels of juice.

WechatIMG197 - Cold-Pressed Juice

Juice A: Omega Juicer CNC80R Compact Nutrition System
Juicer B: Breville Juice Fountain Cold BJE430SIL

To see some of the reasons why our output is a bit different in some cases and what you can do to get the most out of your juice shots, check out the video below:

Frequently asked questions about cold-pressed juicing

What is oxidation?

Think about an apple. When you slice an apple, after a short while, the parts that are exposed to air turn brown. The browning is a result of the cells being damaged through exposure to oxygen. The apple is beginning to break down. When the fruit is cut, oxygen molecules in the air start this process, known as oxidation, immediately. Heat also speeds up the oxidation process. Oxidation kills the nutrients in fruits and vegetables.

Making smoothies is not as messy, how do those compare?

We will never say that any of these are “bad,” as any way that you are taking in more fruits and vegetables will always be a good habit to have. However, if the amount of nutrition you get from your fruits and vegetables matter a lot to you, this is helpful information to have.

The result of oxidation when juicing has been tested when comparing blenders to traditional juicers. Results showed that green juice made in a juice extractor contained up to 2x the concentration of key nutrients as a blender. This is because of nutrient destruction caused by oxidation, even with the inclusion of fiber.

What about Slow Juicers that Claim to be Cold Press?
Are they any better?

First, if you are questioning if they are actually cold press or not, simply look to see if there is a press. If not – easy answer. More directly, while masticating juicers use a slower grinding process and claim to be better, studies have debunked this myth and have shown masticating machines to have similar nutritional output as centrifugal juicing machines.