Frequently asked questions?


General Machine

What are JUlaVIE’s machine specifications?
Dimensions: 325mm (12.79 in) L x 285mm (11.22 in) W x 425mm (16.73 in) H
Cup opening: 13 cm (5 in) Tall
Weight: 20.6kg (45.42 lbs)
Voltage: depending on region – 100V-110V / 200V – 240V
Outer Casing: Aluminum
Face and Base: Thermoplastic
Inner Components: Aluminum, Steel, and Thermoplastics
How do I clean my JUlaVIE after each use?
There is no need to clean the physical machine. However, the outer juicing bag and filter need to be removed. Rinse the reusable bags, or place on the top rack of dishwasher. Recyclable bags, remove and toss into the recycle bin!
Will my machine remain on if plugged in?
No. You will need to power off the machine on the back using the on/off switch. Therefore, it is not necessary to unplug your machine after every use.
Is maintenance needed on my JUlaVIE?
JUlaVIE does not require yearly maintenance. However, if you are experiencing issues with your machine, please contact us at
How many color options are available?
Currently, it is offered in 3 colors; Black, Silver/White and Red (Exclusive color for Harrods, UK).

Machine Usage

Do I need to set up my machine before use?
No, your machine is ready to be used the moment you receive it. We recommend washing the bags in warm soapy water before your first use.
Can I put two glasses under the machine at the same time?
JUlaVIE is designed to serve one cup at a time.
How much juice will JUlaVIE produce per use?
A filled filter bag will yield approximately 200-250ml (6.8 – 8.5oz) of juice each time depending on the produce used.
Can I pause the machine at any time during the juicing process?
Yes. You can pause the machine at any given time by pressing the front button. To restart the machine, simply push the front button again.
How loud is the machine?
It is approximately 40-50 dB when in use. The noise has been referred to as a “quiet hum”.

Juicing Bags and Filters

What are the materials of the outer bags and how are they different?
The recyclable bag is made of plastic and is only good for one juicing session. The reusable bag is made of silicone and can be used many times (up to 1000 times with frequent use). Both bags require the use of a recyclable filter (made of nylon). Both bags are 100% recyclable.
What is the purpose of the nylon filter and why do I need to use it with my outer bags?
The nylon filter keeps the fruits in place as the tremendous pressure generated by JUlaVIE will push the fruits back to the top. The Nylon filter separates the pulp from the juice. Without the use of the filter, the pulp would get stuck in the spout, making it difficult for the juice to flow out.
How many times can I use the filter before discarding?
You can use the nylon filter up to 2-3 times in a continuous juicing session. We recommend changing the filter daily to prevent contamination.
Do I need to wash the outer bags and filters before use?
We recommend you rinse the nylon filters before use. The outer bags should be thoroughly washed for the first time. The reusable bag can be rinsed after the first use.
Can I use the recyclable bag repeatedly?
We do not recommend use of the recyclable bag more than one juicing session. It can be reused 3-5 times in the same session, but should be recycled after use to prevent contamination. If reused too many times in a row, it could cause the bag to burst from repeated pressure.


How long does JUlaVIE take to produce one glass of fresh juice?
JUlaVIE takes 90 seconds to press the produce into juice!
Does JUlaVIE work well with root vegetables?
Yes, if you prepare the carrots properly, you can make carrot juice. To prepare the carrots to get the maximum yield, you need to chop them into small pieces or shred them.
Will the fresh juice from JUlaVIE separate into layers?
Cold-pressed juice holds together much better than juice made from traditional juicers. However, if you are juicing different produce together, they may separate over time, depending on the individual density.
Are there any fruits or vegetables that are not compatible with JUlaVIE?
JUlaVIE can juice almost any fruit or vegetable, except for the ones that do not have much liquid content to begin with (e.g. avocado, banana, etc.) and ones that have hard core (e.g. peach). For vegetables with thicker cell walls (greens) and root vegetables, we recommend a preparation step prior to inserting into the filter to get the maximum juice extraction. Greens – use the juice extracting mitts we provide with our machines to break down thicker cell walls. Root vegetables – cut them into smaller pieces or shred.
How does the yield of JUlaVIE compare to other high end slow juicers?
We have tested ours against other popular slow juicers found in the market and on average JUlaVIE produces equivalent amounts of juice. True of all cold pressed juice, some tough fruits or vegetables may produce slightly less yield due to their thicker cell walls that do not respond as well to pressing as they do to shredding. However, the trade-off is that machines that use shredding remove many of the nutrients before they hit your glass.

Produce Preparation

How do I need to prepare my produce for juicing?
We recommend that you wash all produce before juicing, since some fruits and vegetable can contain foreign substances and bacteria from transportation. After washing your produce, chop into small cubes/pieces for maximum yield. Any fruit with a bitter peel (like an orange or grapefruit) can be squeezed with the peel on, but may cause a bitter taste. Any fruit with pits (like a plumb or apricot) should have the pit removed so that it does not puncture the bag while juicing.


When does fresh juice begin to lose nutrients over time after juicing?
Juice contains large amounts of vitamin C and phenolic compounds, nutrients that are easily oxidized and lost. It is recommended to drink your fresh raw juice within 20 minutes for maximum benefit.
I am diabetic. Is fresh pressed juice ok for me to drink?
Fresh juice comes in many varieties. Those who are diabetic or watching their daily sugar intake should be mindful of what ingredients they are using to juice. Make sure to do your research on what fruits or vegetables are low in sugar or consult your physician.
Is it not better to eat fruits and vegetables than to drink juice?
Any way you can get fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet is beneficial. However, most people do not meet the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables. Juicing is a great and easy way to incorporate those much needed vitamins and minerals from plant based foods into our diets.

Ordering and Payment

Where can I buy additional reusable bags and filters? How much do refills cost?
Both the reusable bag and nylon filter will be available for purchase soon on Amazon. We will also offer worldwide shipping at a low cost.
Reusable outer bag and filters: $39 for 1 reusable bag and 60 filters
Nylon filters: $39 for 90 filters
Recyclable outer bag with filters: $39 for 60 recyclable bags and filters.
*All prices listed in US dollars.
What all comes with the JUlaVIE?
Your JUlaVIE will also come with a user manual, a JUlaVIE recipe book, recyclable outer bags (in some regions), one reusable outer bag and nylon filters.
Where is my JUlaVIE delivered from?
For most regions in Europe and the United States, JUlaVIE will be delivered through our local distributors from their warehouse.  For all other countries that are not covered by our distributors, we will ship directly to you from our warehouse. Please see our “where to buy” page for more details on which countries we are currently shipping to.

Warranty and Returns

What type of warranty comes with my JUlaVIE?
Currently, there is a 2 year warranty. However, we are planning to extend the warranty in the near future. Your warranty will cover a 30 day satisfaction money back guarantee as well as repair service.