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Juicing Bags and Filters

What are the materials of the outer bags and how are they different?

The recyclable bag is made of plastic and is only good for one juicing session. The reusable bag is made of silicone and can be used many times (up to 1000 times with frequent use). Both bags require the use of a recyclable filter (made of nylon). Both bags are 100% recyclable.


What is the purpose of the nylon filter and why do I need to use it with my outer bags?

The nylon filter keeps the fruits in place as the tremendous pressure generated by JUlaVIE will push the fruits back to the top.  The nylon filter separate the pulp from the juice.  Without the use of the filter, the pulp would get stuck in the spout, making it difficult for the juice to flow out.


How many times can I use the filter before discarding?

You can use the nylon filter up to 2-3 times in a continuous juicing session.  We recommend changing the filter daily to prevent contamination.


Do I need to wash the outer bags and filters before use?

We recommend you rinse the nylon filters before use.  The outer bags should be thoroughly washed for the first time.  The reusable bag can be rinsed after the first use.


Can I use the recyclable bag repeatedly?

We do not recommend use of the recyclable bag more than one juicing session. It can be reused 3-5 times in the same session, but should be recycled after use to prevent contamination. If reused too many times in a row, it could cause the bag to burst from repeated pressure.


With 8-tons of pressure, is it possible the bags will leak?

Our juicing bags are specifically designed to withstand the pressure exerted by JUlaVIE if used within the recommended number of times (recyclable bags 3-5x in one session and reusable bag 1000 times).


Can I use other juicing bags to replace JUlaVIE juicing bags?

We do not recommend using other juicing bags that you can find in the store. JUlaVIE juicing bags are specifically designed to withstand the 8-tons of pressure. Other bags will burst under the pressure. Use of non JUlaVIE bags will result in a void of the warranty.


Do the sealable bags ensure freshness of the produce?

We suggest you cut the produce and fill the juicing bag when you juice to ensure the freshest cold- pressed juice.