Getting Started with JUlaVIE

Before you start using your machine, here is a quick overview of the JUlaVIE cold-press juicer experience.

No matter how you want to get your optimum nutrition, JUlaVIE can give it to you! Get a concentrated single shot of kale juice, a combo double shot of celery and carrot, or enjoy a full triple shot glass of fruity combinations.

Happy juicing!

The JUlaVIE System


Other kinds of juicers tend to use blades when cutting down fruits and vegetables during the juicing process. This introduces heat and exposure to the air. The oxidation process that occurs during this The goal when cold press juicing is to break down the fruit or vegetable with as little damage and exposure to air and heat as much as possible. This process tends to kill nutrients in the produce.

JUlaVIE uses a Liner & Filter System that minimizes the amount of oxygen introduced in the juicing process. By putting the fruits and vegetables inside the inner filter into the silicon liner, the JULAVIE cold press juicer squeezes the juice out of the liner and filter together using almost 10 tons of force. The squeezed juice flows down into the spout straight into the glass. It is designed to extract juice using tons of force instead of shredding it, creating a smooth and delicious taste.

How the JUlaVIE works

Step1 - Getting Started
Step2 - Getting Started
Step3 - Getting Started

1. Secure the Reusable Silicon Liner into the JUlaVIE

2. Fill inner filter with produce up to
the marked line

3. Insert the filter inside the liner within the machine.
Close the lid and press the juice button. A single, double ,
or triple shot of juice is ready in as little as 30 seconds.

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Preparing Your Produce

The size of the “shot” you will get depends on what produce you put in, and the manner of how your prepared them. The higher the water content of a produce, the less prep is needed. So you can just put about chunks of pineapple in the filter and get a double or triple shot. Greens and roots, having lower water content, needs a little more prep than others.

We’ve come up with simple methods of prepping different types of produce to give you the optimum nutrition shot you need – and want!


TIP #1. Used alone, these are the shot sizes you can expect

1 filter makes:

Single shots of: Beet, celery and cucumber juice (100-150ml)
Double shots of: Spinach, Kale, Carrot, Tomato, Kiwi and Strawberry (150-200ml)
Triple shots of: Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Watermelon, Dragonfruit, Grapes and Pears (250ml-350ml)

TIP #2. By combining juicier fruits with more dense vegetables – you can get more juice

See our recipe page here to check out some great shot combinations using greens, roots, and fruits.

TIP #3. If you prep your produce as follows, though not required to get the shot size listed above, you can increase the amount of produce you can put into your filter – and therefore, the amount you will get out.

Enjoy a single, double, or triple shot of optimum nutrition!

Shots - Getting Started


Most small fruits and vegetables can be used whole when juicing.

Some of them are: Cherry tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, and similar.

Small Whole - Getting Started


Juicy fruits can be cut in big pieces since it requires less effort to squeeze the juice.

Ex: watermelon, pineapple, oranges,
pomelo, honeydew, melon

Small Chunks - Getting Started


Chopping in 1-inch piece or smaller makes
it easier to fit inside filter – increasing the juice yield.

Ex: apples, pears, kiwi, cucumber, lemon, passion fruit, dragon fruit, lime, etc.

Small Slice - Getting Started


Roots and greens are dense produce. Get more from them by shredding first and mixing with juicier produce. Smaller pieces allow the press to squeeze more.

Ex: Carrots, beet root, spinach, kale etc.

Small Shred - Getting Started

Another option for greens?

If you don’t want to shred your greens, you can use the Juice Extracting Mitts included with purchase to rub a handful of greens first before inserting them in the filter bag. Rubbing allows to break down the thick cell walls for easier juicing.

Mitts copy11 - Getting Started

A new and exciting style of juicing

JUlaVIE is the most premium and efficient at-home cold press juicer that is easy to use, requires minimal cleaning, and can give you cold-pressed juice in 30 seconds. Even if all you need is a shot of juice to get the right dose of nutrition that your body is lacking, we still want to make sure you get the most out of your produce as possible.

Cold-Pressed juicers work slightly differently than traditional juicers and want to show you how.

Maximizing & getting the most out of your JUlaVIE

Use your prep chart

Not all produce are created equal. The right prep will give you maximum yield for your shots.

Spout Out

Before juicing, make sure that the liner spout is sticking out of the juicing outlet. If liner spout is not sticking out during juicing, overflow can occur. If a spout is not out, you can use your finger to pull it out and stick it right into the mouth of your glass.

Stop the machine

You can safely stop the machine at anytime by pushing the Juice Button (front).

Avoid hard pits

Hard and big pits such as apricot or peach pits may puncture your filter and liner.

Shred your roots

Although not necessary, shredding roots such as carrots and beetroots will deliver additional juice.

Safety Lid

If the machine is not running, always check that the safety lid is all the way closed.

Marked Inner Filter Line

Fill produce in the inner juicing filter up the marked line only. Filling beyond can cause overflow and unnecessary cleaning.

Quick reset

After your juice is squeezed, the presses need to reset before you can open the machine. Do not try and force open the machine until the juice button light stops blinking.

Juice Extracting Mitts

Get more from greens by rubbing them with our Juice Extracting Mitts before putting inside the Inner Juicing Filters.

Be creative and have fun!

Make it a habit you will enjoy keeping!

Check out our Hacks & Habits Blog!

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