How to use your JUlaVIE cold press juicing machine

The Best Cold Press Juicing Machine

JUlaVIE is designed to give you the fastest and easiest way to a glass of cold-pressed juice. We developed the best and easiest cold press juicer to encourage people to start a healthy lifestyle by making juicing a daily habit. Cold press juice has become popular because its process of breaking down fruits and vegetables during the juicing process limits the damage and exposure to air as possible. This helps keep as much nutrients in the juice as possible.

With cold press juicing, fruits and vegetables are pressed using tons of force to squeeze out only the juice, leaving the pulpy bits that we usually get from centrifugal juicers. This process gives you a smooth and delicious glass of juice without much of the foam and pulp.

Now that you have your own JUlaVIE, we’ll help you understand everything you need to know to experience optimum cold-press juicing. Let’s get started by watching the video.

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Cold press juice without the mess!

The JUlaVIE System

Other kinds of juicers tend to use blades when cutting down fruits and vegetables during the juicing process. This introduces heat and exposure to the air. The oxidation process that occurs during this The goal when cold press juicing is to break down the fruit or vegetable with as little damage and exposure to air and heat as much as possible. This process tends to kill nutrients in the produce.

JUlaVIE uses a Bag & Press System that minimizes the amount of oxygen introduced in the juicing process. By putting the fruits and vegetables inside the filter bags into the juicing bags, the JULAVIE cold press juicer squeezes the juice out of the bag together using almost 8 tons of force. The squeezed juice flows down into the spout straight into the glass. It is designed to extract juice using tons of force instead of shredding it, creating a smooth and delicious taste.

The best part of it is that the juice never touches the machine, hence, no cleaning is required after juicing. You just need to take out the filter bag and rinse or recycle the juicing bag for next use. It’s really fill & press without the mess!

Cold-press juice that never touches the machine.

      Preparing for cold press juicing

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There are different ways to get the most juice out of your chosen produce. It depends on their characteristics and water content levels. For example, you can get more from your cold press juicer with watermelon, pineapple, and orange because of their high water content. So to get the maximum experience of cold press juice using other produce, we suggest that you mix and match different water content fruits and vegetables so that you’ll have a full glass of nutritious cold press juice

Cutting, slicing, and chopping when cold press juicing is advised so that you’ll be able to get more juice from your fruits and vegetables. We have come up with a more detailed explanation on how you can best prepare your produce when using your JULAVIE cold press juicer. You might want to check out our How To Prep page for a more in depth review.

Meanwhile, here’s an overview on how you should prepare your fruits and vegetables to maximize their juice content.

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A premium cold press juicing experience.
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