How to use your JUlaVIE cold press juicing machine

How To Get More Juice From Your JUlaVIE

Cold-Press Juicing Machine

Cold press juicing has become significantly more popular because the goal when juicing is to break down produce with as little damage and exposure to air and as possible. This helps to keep as much nutrition as possible.

Using a cold press juicer is also superior in terms of juice taste and texture compared to other forms of juicing because instead of shredding the fruit, it uses force to squeeze out the juice, leaving the pulpy bits. This process gives you a smooth and delicious glass of juice.

Having your own cold-press juicing machine at home will not only help you save a lot of money from regularly buying bottled cold-press juice bottles or going to juice bars, it also gives you more freedom to choose which kind of fruits and vegetables you’d want in your glass of juice. That is why having the best cold press juicing machine like JUlaVIE will definitely up your juicing game.

We, at JUlaVIE, want you to have the maximum juicing experience so we developed a cold-press juicing machine that is premium, convenient, and easy to use. Here is a simple chart to guide you on how to prepare fruits and vegetables for juicing using your JUlaVIE.

Cold press juice prep chart

Why do you need to prepare fruits and vegetables before cold-press juicing?

  1. All fruits and vegetables get different yields, reflected below. In JUlaVIE, the design makes you notice it more as our bag design limits the amount of produce you can put in each time.
  2. To maximize your output, we suggest 3 tips:
    1. Mix high and low yield fruits and vegetables.
    2. The smaller you make the pieces, the more you can put it, so the more juice you get.
    3. Rub or shred your greens/root vegetables to easily press more juice.
Juicing Prep Chart - How to Prepare for Juicing
Reusable Juicing Bag is made of silicon and is thicker. It has ridges inside which makes it ideal for fruits with higher water content such as pineapple and watermelon because its spout has a bigger opening, allowing juice to freely flow through. The reusable juicing bag is easy to clean, after using, just rinse with running water while rubbing the insides, then just leave to dry before next use. Know more about the reusable juicing bag here.

Prep & Press Bag is ideal for produce that needs more pressing to squeeze out more juice such as apples and pears. Its thin PE+PA material allows the press to fully squeeze out the maximum juice from the pulp. It is food safe and BPA free. It’s perfect for storing and juicing later. Know more about the Prep & Press Bag here.

Cold press juicing tips:

How to get the most out of your fruits and vegetables.

Wash thoroughly

Even fresh fruits and vegetables may have accumulated dust or contaminated by bacteria from being exposed. Wash them thoroughly before preparing.

Remove pits

Even fresh fruits and vegetables may have accumulated dust or contaminated by bacteria from being exposed. Wash them thoroughly before preparing.

Coat with lemon juice

If you plan on preparing juice for the next couple of days with the prep & press bags, squeeze some lemon juice on fruits that easily brown such as apples and pears (the acid from the lemon slows down the chemical reaction that turns fruits brown).

Cutting tips

Juice yield will vary depending on the water content of the fruit or vegetable. Knowing how to properly cut them will give you the maximum juice yield. Here’s a reference chart on how to cut fruits and vegetables.

      How to prepare produce for your cold press juice

prep chart - How to Prepare for Juicing
* Shredding them can lead to higher juice yield
** You may or may not peel the skin of thick-skinned fruits, although taste may be different.
How to get more juice from greens
Juice Extracting Mitts - How to Prepare for Juicing
Leafy greens have thicker cell walls, making it difficult to juice them. Use the JUICE EXTRACTING MITTS to break down these cell walls and get the most out of your greens by rubbing them for around 10 seconds before putting them inside the filter bags. We’re not claiming that we are the best juicer for greens, given that greens are harder to cold-press compared to other fruits and vegetables. However, given the right way of preparing and mixing using different juicing recipes, we can give you the smoothest mixed green juice that is less pulpy but still contains an optimum amount of nutrients. Watch this short video that shows how to juice greens using the mitts:
Greens such as spinach and kale have lower juice density so pressing pure greens will not give you as much juice as pressing a high-water content fruit like watermelon. We suggest that you mix your greens with other fruits and vegetables so you can enjoy a full glass of juice packed with a vitamins and minerals. Check out our recommended juicing recipes!

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