Juicing bags keep

the machine clean!

Cold press juicer that
requires no cleaning.

The JUlaVIE Juicing Bag System is designed to make sure that when the machine presses the fruits and vegetables, the cold-pressed juice flows straight into your glass. This system is what makes the machine mess-free. The juice is funneled down through the juicing bag spout, preventing spillage inside the machine. The juicing bags also hold the remaining juiced pulp so it becomes easier to recycle or discard.

This innovation in juicing machines separates it apart from others because it requires zero to minimum cleaning. In other cold-press juicers, assembly and cleaning after juicing are very complicated, this turns off most people with juicers because it makes them think that juicing is more of a task rather than an enjoyable hobby.  JUlaVIE wants to change that notion, hence, we developed a premium cold press juicing machine that is not only effective but also efficient.

When you purchase the JUlaVIE, it comes with a free Reusable Juicing Bag and A Starter Kit
that contains Prep & Press Bags and Inner Juicing Filter Bags.

The JUlaVIE comes with two kinds of juicing machine bags

Both the Reusable Juicing Bag and the Prep & Press Juicing Bags are designed to give you a smooth, delicious glass of cold-pressed juice.

left - Juicing Bags



Wash & Dry

Use up to 1000x




Use up to 5x


right - Juicing Bags

Choose your juicing bag depending on your juicing recipes

The Reusable Juicing Bag is made from high-grade silicone that is food safe and BPA-free. It’s durability allows it to be used for over a thousand times.

It is more suitable to use this bag with juicing recipes that include high water content fruits like watermelon, oranges, and honeydew. This is because these produce require less pressing than low water content produce. The ridges inside the juicing bag funnels the cold-pressed juice straight into your glass.

It’s so easy to clean, too. Just remove it from the cold press juicing machine after juicing, remove the inner filter that contains the pulp, and just rinse it and rub from the outside You can use it again when it dries up.

The Prep & Prep Juicing Bag is designed for preparing ahead for juicing. They are sealable so you can put your cut up fruits and vegetables into the Inner Juicing Filter and put them inside the bag, seal it, and store inside the fridge for a day or two before juicing.

This bag is ideal for very busy people who want to keep a daily healthy habit. By preparing ahead, they can just take a bag out of the fridge, pop into the machine and get a glass of fresh cold-pressed juice in 90 seconds.

It can can be used multiple times in one juicing session and if cleaned well, reused. However, they are not designed for extensive reuse and can burst if used too many times.

You might be a bit hesitant about all these juicing bags and filters because it seems wasteful having to throw them away – we’ve thought about it, too! That’s why the our team made sure that we come up with the most environmental-friendly materials.

3 - Juicing Bags

JUlaVIE Inner Juicing Filter Bag

Both juicing machine bags require the use of the Inner Juicing Filter. It is a food-grade, BPA-free nylon filter where put your chopped fruits and vegetables for cold-press juicing. Developed using high-grade materials, the filters keep the solid, pulpy bits while allowing the juice to flow out. This makes your glass of cold-pressed juice smooth and the taste is the closest it can get to the raw produce. It can be used about 5 times in a juicing session.

Watch how to use the Inner Juicing Filter Bag below:

We genuinely want to give people an easy way to be healthier in their lives through more consistent consumption of nutrient-packed juice. We want to do the same for the earth at the same time. We have done our absolute best to create a product that delivers great function and safety while offering you the options for easy reuse and recycling. If you are JUlaVIE user, we hope you will choose the most sustainable option for you and be sure to recycle each and every time you use our product.