A whopping 70.7% of adults aged 20 and above in the US are overweight, including those with obesity (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention).

Why are some people indifferent to a healthy lifestyle? 
Most people think that having a healthy lifestyle means being restricted to munching salads, eating bland food, giving up on sweets, and drinking smoothies or juice all day. 
To some, healthy living means working out until you pass out. It’s not until a health crisis happens that they commit to change – a forced change.

However, there is a growing number of people who are now slowly becoming interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, yet, are not 100% committed with a 360 degree turn in their current lifestyle. In comes juicing. Juicing is basically a life hack to make sure you get the most nutrients and minerals you can get without having to down a bunch of fruits and vegetables that one would hardly be able to eat in one sitting. A glass of home-made fresh juice is so potent and convenient thus making it easier for someone’s who wants to start with a healthy lifestyle.

There are still skeptics who have some things to say about juicing. So before you read anything that might turn you off about juicing, we’ve rounded up some of the most common juicing myths debunked. Read on to learn more!


“Juicing is too expensive for me!”

Lined Juice - Juicing Myths Debunked

You can actually buy a simple juicer for less than $50, but you get what you deserve. Most of these cheap juicers use grinders or blades that introduce heat and air to the process – which effectively kills the nutrients in your juice. Sure, you can use a blender and make a slushie of fruits and veggies, but a tall glass of blended produce doesn’t always mean the most nutritious. Investing in a cold-pressed juicer might be on the expensive end, but imagine the benefits you reap. Cold-pressed juice is the smoothest type of fresh juice because it uses a press system to squeeze out the juice, leaving solid pulp and annoying froth and foam behind. It might seem less in terms of yield, but think about it, would you rather have a ‘full glass’ full of pulp, foam, and froth, or a two-thirds of a glass serving of pure, unadulterated, nutrition-packed juice? I think we have a winner.


“Vegetable juice tastes nasty!”

Green Juice - Juicing Myths Debunked

For people accustomed to the taste of sodas, bottled juices and teas, the thought of green juice would sound ridiculous. They usually associate it as grass-tasting, earthy-smelling concoction. But having your own open-system juicer at home would allow you to a thousand of possibiities. The key is to mix sweet fruits with your greens such kale, spinach, wheat grass, and roots like carrot, beet root, ginger,  to come up with dynamic-tasting juice recipes. Most roots and greens have a subtle bitter taste to them, so juicing them with fruits like pineapple, oranges, and pears will make your juice sweeter. Make it more exciting by adding zesty flavors of lemon and lime, or adding basil and mint for a soothing after-taste.


“No matter the process, all juice are the same.”

3 types - Juicing Myths Debunked

Ehh… That’s not true at all. How the juice is obtained determines not only the nutrition content, but also the taste, texture, and longevity. Traditional juicers and masticating juicers use blades and grinders to rapidly slice or slowly crush and grind the fruits. Both process introduce heat and air. Air is the reason why juice is frothy and foamy, while heat kills off the nutrition. The manner how juice is extracted also determines the separation in your juice. Have you ever blended a fruit juice and left your glass for 10-15 minutes? Remember seeing how the heavier bits tend to go down and some light pulp materials form a cloud on top of the juice? With a cold-pressed juicer, juice is smoother because no pulp goes with your juice. It has also a longer shelf life because of how it is prepared.


“Juicing is too much work.”

Liner 3 - Juicing Myths Debunked

Well, it is if you own a juicer that needs you to set it up before using, and requires you to disassemble many complicated pieces to clean up after. Imagine the stress of cleaning the hard to reach areas of your juicer parts, right? That’s enough reason for someone to be discouraged to use it. A new juicer that leads the way in a new styleo of juicing promises to end this struggle. JUlaVIE has a no mess filter-and-liner system that traps the pulp inside the filter as juice flows out into the glass. The liner prevents any part of the produce to touch the machine, rendering it mess-free. After you’re done, you just have to remove the juicing liner and filter, recycle and wash, and you’re done. Gone are the days of post-juicing stress.


“I should easily feel better after a glass.”

Exer - Juicing Myths Debunked

Remember that juicing is just a facet of many little changes you do with your life. Your daily healthy habits will eventually help you look and feel better. Juicing alone will not make you a healthy person. You still need to do exercise, maintain a healthy diet, manage your stress, and keep your small healthy habits.

Juicing should not be your sole activity if you want a healthier life. You also need to do your part in making sure that you are eating healthy, doing adequate physical activities, getting enough sleep, drinking water often, and overall maintaining a better disposition. You don’t have to deprive yourself of your favorite junk food, but do so in moderation. After all, a lived life is a balance of good and bad things.