So you just had a hearty weekend full of booze, some heavy meals, and a lot of snacks in between. You’re feeling a bit bloated and tired, so you decide to replenish your body with legit vitamins and minerals. What will you choose between a glass of fresh fruit juice or a multivitamin pill?

Well, there’s certainly nothing wrong with taking a multivitamin. You’re still getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs conveniently packed into a little pill. It’s perfect if you’re lacking a specific set of nutrients in your diet. So generally, it’s actually good for you. However, a major setback with a multivitamin pill is that you’re getting just that. You’re not getting the extra nutrients from fiber and phytochemicals that are found in fresh juice that can help reduce the risk of many illnesses and overall improve your health.

Think of it this way, an ascorbic acid tablet can give your body an ample supply of Vitamin C, meanwhile, a glass of fresh orange juice will not only give you the necessary amount of Vitamin C but also some B vitamins and phytochemical compounds that are both vital in preventing the risks of cancer and heart diseases.


This is where juicing comes in strong. In many health cases, most diseases can be linked to toxicity and malnutrition. A lot of people lack the necessary nutrients and minerals that their body needs to help prevent and counter certain illnesses. Juice is a potent form of maximum nutrition and is the easiest (not to mention, most delicious) way to provide the body with healthy vitamins and minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals and the hydration property to maintain health. Juicing allows for the instant absorption of nutrients in the body.

However, before chugging down a liter of store- bought juice, make sure that you’re drinking 100% fresh juice and not some cocktail overloaded with sugar. There are a lot of juice brands today that claim they are ‘fresh’ and ‘all-natural’ but you can’t always be sure about that. Many store-bought juice are heat-pasteurized, a process that destroys nutrients, color, and flavor.

cold press juice

It is recommended that you juice at home with the best juicer to give maximum nutrients. If you have never heard of cold-pressed juice, it is a process of extracting juice form fresh produce by a hydraulic press that flattens the produce as it squeezes out the juice, leaving a dry pulp. This is better than juicers that uses blades because it introduces no heat and oxidation so you get the smoothest and most nutritious juice you can get.

In conclusion, the best gauge to use when thinking about which is better in terms of providing optimal nutrition is to consider how far it is from its naturally-occurring form. Sure, taking in fresh produce in its raw form is the best, but if you’re thinking about a quick and convenient way to obtaining the most nutrients and minerals without downing a plateful of produce, juicing is the runaway winner. We’re not saying multivitamins supplements are unhealthy, no, they’re good for you. But if you want more than just the required vitamin or mineral, juicing is the most delicious way to go.