How JUlaVIE is different from Juicero

Julavie - JUlaVIE is not Juicero
Juicero - JUlaVIE is not Juicero

Some people are wondering how we are different than some other cold-pressed juicer company, which has stopped selling its products. Well, it’s really simple. JUlaVIE is a completely different company with a different product. Here is what makes us special:

JUlaVIE is an open-system cold-pressed juicer

We give a different user experience by allowing you to personally choose your produce combinations to juice. Juicero’s juicing bags were pre-filled packs that sold for about $5-$8 which made it a more expensive way of juicing compared to sourcing your own ingredients (not to mention giving you the peace of mind that you are juicing only the freshest produce).

The Filter & Liner System

The Inner Juicing Filter and Reusable Silicone Liner allows the user to save on a lot of bags as each filter can be reused up to five times in a single juicing session, while the liner can be used for up to 1000 times. Not only are you saving a lot in terms of buying them, you’re also helping reduce your carbon footprint with less waste.

More than double the force

Juicero’s pressing force was 4 tons. JUlaVIE boasts of up to 10 tons of pressing force. This is a statement on how you’re sure to get more juice from FRESH produce you personally chose and prepared. To put things in perspective, 10 tons of force has the ability to lift 5 cars. Now how’s that for pressing force?

JUlaVIE is paving the way for a new style of juicing. One where users no longer have to worry about machine assembly and post-juicing cleaning. It allows users like you to get the optimum nutrition shots in just 30 seconds. It promotes maintaining a daily juicing habit because it is so easy to use. Truly a smart juicer for a better life!