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The worlds easiest and most flexible juicing machine.

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Smart Juicing

For a Better Life

Many juicers and juice brands claim that they are cold-pressed. Here’s the deal, if it’s not cold or doesn’t have a press, it’s not cold-pressed. “Cold-Pressed” refers to how the juice is extracted from fruits and vegetables. Centrifugal juicers (traditional juicers) use fast-spinning blades that generate some heat which can destroy enzymes and compromise the nutrients. Cold-pressed juicers use a slow hydraulic press to extract juice. This process does not introduce heat, hence the term ‘cold-pressed’.

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Main Benefits

The Machine Never Gets Dirty

None of the ingredients ever touch the machine, so there are no parts to clean.

One Touch and Done

Simply press the single button on the front to activate the machine.

8 Tons of Force

With as much force as 3 elephants, fruit is juiced in 90 seconds.

High Quality Construction

Heavy-duty and resilient engine housed inside a durable and sleek shell. Complies with global construction standards.

Safe For The Whole Family

Wide Mouth Design

Fits juicing bag perfectly. No need to push the bag inside with your hand.

Smart Function

Crafted to safely start juicing only when the lid is closed shut.

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Secure Juice Dispenser

Unit is designed to cover dispenser and keep you safe.

Power Design

Emergency ‘off button’ to comply with international safety standards.

Three Color Choices

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Harrods, UK – Exclusive Color

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Silver & White

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The parts of JUlaVIE are made only from high-quality materials that are individually assessed to make sure that every unit passes the high standards that we have set. The inner components are a combination of aluminum, steel, and thermoplastics. The outer casing is made of high-grade weatherproof aluminum while the face and and base of the machine is made from glossy yet sturdy ABS thermoplastic. This makes it easier to wipe juice, dust, or any accumulated debris that sets on the machine over time, rendering it clean and premium-looking with just a simple wipe.

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Weight 17.2 kg~

Internal Pressure

Internal Pressure about 8.8 tons


Voltage 60V-120V, 220V-240V

Power Consumption

Power Consumption 200W


Size length 277.9mm (10.9 inches) width 288mm (11.3 inches) height 415.7mm (16.3 inches)

Quality Standard

Quality Standard Comply with 3C, UL, CB, BA, KC,..ROHS and EMC Standards

Shell Material

Shell Material aluminum alloy + ABS