No Mess Filter & Liner System

Can you imagine having the capacity to get a single, double, or even a triple shot of portion-controlled juice that provides the rawest, freshest, and most uncompromised nutrients from your choice of fruits and vegetables? That’s what the new JUlaVIE X Cold-Press Juicer can give you!

Most juicers today can be too much work – especially if all you wanted was a highly-concentrated double shot of kale to give you a boost of nutrition and energy. It can be an arduous task to setup, operate, disassemble, and wash even the best juicers in the market today that you just forget about the idea of making juice at all.

What’s great about the brand new JUlaVIE X is that you don’t have to make that trade-off! It can give you the optimum nutrition shot you need really quick. It requires minimal operation and cleaning because of the innovative liner and filter system.

Upon purchase of the JUlaVIE X, you will receive one (1) Reusable Silicon Liner and an initial set of twenty four (24) Inner Juicing Filters (that’s up to 120 servings of cold-pressed shots!). 


Just Rinse, Rub, and Dry to Reuse the Silicon Liner
left - No Mess Filter & Liner System



Secure the liner into the machine, put the filled filter in and press juice button. Easy as 1.2.3.


After rinsing, it is safe to dry on the top rack of your dishwasher


Funnel-design and ridges inside direct juice flow straight into your glass and prevent it from flowing upward.


Secure Reusable Silicon Liner inside the cold press juicer to prevent liner movement during the juicing process.

Made durable so you can cold press juice over a thousand times!

Tips on using the Reusable Silicon Liner

The best cold press juicers that you can find today may seem too intimidating with all the parts that need to be assembled before you can actually use the machine. Equally terrifying is the cleaning part where you have to disassemble certain parts and wash them all separately. The amount of time and effort spent assembling, preparing, and cleaning every time you juice is what turns off most people from pursuing cold press juicing as a daily healthy habit.

That is why the team behind JUlaVIE X has developed not only an effective Liner & Filter System, but also designed a premium cold press juicer that is user-friendly and requires zero to minimal cleaning. The Reusable Silicon Liner revolutionizes the way we cold press our fruits and vegetables. To best maximize the juicing experience with the JUlaVIE X and the reusable silicon liner, we’ve come up with a few pointers to consider:

When you think about how a press works, the further the press can close, the more juice you will get out of your produce. With up to 10 tons of force, we get nearly all of the juice out of your produce.

For medium to low water content fruits, it is ideal to chop or cut them into small pieces before putting into the inner filter into the silicon liner to get more juice from them.

If you want to juice only greens or roots, you can make concentrated single shots of kale or spinach. However, it takes a significant amount of greens to make a full glass, as our liner & filter system has a limited capacity for each glass. If you want to enjoy a triple shot and still get the optimum nutrition from greens, we suggest combining high water content fruits and greens to make your own juicing recipes, and still get a full triple shot (1 to 1.5 cups) of nutritious cold press juice.

After juicing, don’t forget to remove the Reusable Silicon Linerfrom the cold press juicing machine and take off the inner filter which contains the pressed produce. Rinse the liner and rub the ridges inside to remove any form of accumulation inside.

You can dry it using the top rack of your dishwasher.

Avoid using hard pits of fruits like peaches and avocado because it might puncture both the inner filter and the silicon liner.

resize - No Mess Filter & Liner System

Using the Reusable Silicon Liner

The Reusable Silicon Liner is user-friendly, convenient, and sustainable. It is one the reasons why the JUlaVIE X is one of the best at-home cold-pressed juicers of today.

Secure the reusable silicon liner inside the machine first. Connect the six magnet points of the silicon liner into the machine. Prepare your fruits and vegetable into manageable sizes by either chopping, dicing, or cutting them. If you haven’t decided yet on which combinations of produce you want to juice, you can check out our recommended juicing recipes for single, double, and triple shots here.

Next, you have to put them inside the inner juicing filter up to the visible line. Fold the filter opening and put it inside the reusable silicon liner within the machine. Suspend the inner filter by securing the holed strings into the hooks each hook and make sure that the filter is folded over before shutting the compartment lid.

Before pressing the juice button, make sure that the spout is out and points down toward your glass. Press the juice button and wait for 30 seconds for the juicing process to finish. You now have a single, double, triple shot of a potent cold-pressed juice.

Post-juicing machine disassembly and washing each part? Not with the JUlaVIE X cold press juicing machine! All you have to do is remove the reusable silicon liner from the machine, separate the filter, and just rub and rinse before drying them for next use. You can also reuse the inner juicing filter for up to 5 times in the same juicing session. Just rinse and dry before reusing again.

Here’s a video on how to the Filter & Liner System works



The Inner Juicing Filter is a food-grade, BPA-free filter where you put your prepared produce for cold-press juicing. Developed using high-grade materials, the filters keep the solid, pulpy bits while allowing the juice to flow out.

This makes your shots of cold-pressed juice smooth and delicious. You can reuse it for up to 5 times in the same juicing session. Just rinse and dry before reusing again.

It is made from highly-recyclable nylon material.

Inner Filter 1 - No Mess Filter & Liner System