As we strive to be healthy and provide our bodies with the optimum vitamins and minerals, we can’t always be perfect in achieving it. Most of the time, we get too excited when deciding to start being healthy that we tend to not focus on the goal but on the action. We have a tendency to overbuy produce and just get overwhelmed by consuming them that they end up staying in our fridges until they spoil. Well, how can you prevent food wasting and give your healthy lifestyle new and exciting ways to enjoy your produce? Here are some nutrition hacks to help you get the most out of your fruits and vegetables.

1 - #NutritionHacks: Get More From Your Produce!


When you cut up some type of fruits (apples, pears, bananas) or vegetables (carrots, potatoes, string beans, etc.) and leave it uneaten or uncooked within a few minutes, you’re risking it being exposed to oxygen. This process is called ‘oxidation’ and it is a natural chemical process. This reaction between oxygen and produce is what results in your cut up fruits to turn brown. The longer a fruit is epxosed to air and light, the less vitamins it will have. Prevent this from happening with your leftover fruits and vegetables by this zesty nutrition hack. Coat the exposed parts of your produce with lemon juice before storing them in the fridge. The lemon’s acid will prevent building up of enzymes that produces browning.

5 - #NutritionHacks: Get More From Your Produce!


 Up your cooking game while saving your leftover herbs! You know how some recipes only need a few leaves of mint, a sprinkle of thyme, or a small portion of basil and you’re left with almost an untouched bunch of these herbs? Sure they can survive a few days inside the fridge, but the longer they stay, the more compromised they get – losing their flavors in the process. Find yourself an ice cube tray and fill it with pieces of herbs (you can just put one type of herb per square or play around by mixing a few together. Then pour over olive oil and store inside the freezer – voila! – instant flavored oil cubes! This will drastically improve the aroma and taste of your dishes while saving your herbs from wilting and wasting away inside your fridge.

2 - #NutritionHacks: Get More From Your Produce!


If you have bought more celery than you actually need for your dish or even your fresh juice, you don’t have to worry about it wilting overnight inside the fridge! Wrap your celery in aluminum tin foil instead of a plastic bag and your celery can survive for a week (or more!).  There is an elaborate science behind this, but basically, celery releases a certain gas and aluminum allows this gas to escape versus a plastic bag. This is a good nutrition hack because most dish or juice recipes only require a stalk or two of celery and by keeping it fresh for more than a week, you can maximize the produce without compromising the freshness, nutrition content, and taste.

3 - #NutritionHacks: Get More From Your Produce!


More than because the leafy spinach greens and the robust strawberry red look together on a plate, eating them together improves their total nutritional value. If you ate a cup of either separately, you’d get about 2% of the daily recommended amount of zinc and thiamine and about 3% of calcium and vitamin E. Eating them together doubles the nutrients into 4-5%. Eating them together also provides you with 11% of the daily recommended nutrition (eating just spinach only provides about 2%). Some food combinations complement each other’s nutritional gaps. For example, a cup of strawberries provude a small value of vitamins A and K. By eating it with spinach, you get a boost of vitamin A up to 93% of your daily need!

Mix them together and and some nuts or cheese for a plate of a texture and flavor-laden salad. There are more food combinations that promote nutritional boosts all over the net. Check out some from other blogs like this one.