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JUlaVIE Warranty Terms


Every JULaVIE machine comes with a 2 year warranty. Terms below.

  • Visual Damages – This must be reported within one week of the package being received. Inclusve of:
    • Scratches on the surface of the machine unit.
    • Dents on the surface of the machine unit.
  • Mechanical Issues – Your warranty covers the following mechanical issues:
    • The machine does not start when the Juice Button is pressed.
    • The compartment cover (slide) on top cannot be closed or open properly.
    • The compartment cover should remain closed during juicing. If it opens or can be opened when machine is in operation, then it is malfunctioning.
    • You should only hear a soft hum during machine operation, if you are hearing a loud noise, then machine is malfunctioning
    • Machine parts are loose or are falling off.
  • Machine Force
    • If your machine cannot produce 200ml of juice from 400g apples (1 big or a couple of small ones), then machine is not delivering ideal pressure.
  • Other forms of damage
    • If there is damage that resulted from failure to follow instructions from the Juicing Guide (comes with purchase), then the warranty will be voided
      1. Water found inside the machine.
      2. Repeated excessive overflow by stuffing too much produce inside the inner filter (or filling beyond marked fill line).