Thank you for reserving your JUlaVIE.

Before completing your deposit, please read the important information below.

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Your deposit secures one of the limited 1,000 rose gold machines being produced for the US market for launch in November 2018 OR one of the first Silver/White or Black machines to be shipped with our official launch in November 2018.
Upon launch, you will receive an email from us with a voucher number, that voucher number will be used to complete your purchase by either making 9 payments of $49 (for those who qualify) or receive a 10% discount for paying your balance in full. The payment plan program will be offered through a 3rd party vendor and is subject to approval.
For custom-made Rose Gold JUlaVIE – deposits can be returned any time until the end of our pre-sale period (1st of October 2018). After this time, your despot will be used to make your custom color and can not be refunded.

For Silver/White or Black machines deposit refunds can be made any time until you make your final payment to activate shipment.


Returns – more information can be found at the Return and Refund Policy Page

  • Customers returning their machine for reasons outside of the warranty will be responsible for shipping the machine back to our Indiana distribution center.
  • All customers that are unsatisfied with their JULaVIE can be returned to JUlaVIE within 30 days. The product should be returned with all original packaging and accessories including the retail box, manuals, cables, and all other items originally included with the product to avoid any fees.
  • If product has not been opened, it can be returned to JUlaVIE within 45 days.
  • JUlaVIE will not accept any returns after 45 days
  • Refunds will be granted within 48 hours of product arriving at the distribution center and condition and contents have been

Products that are received by JUlaVIE in any of the following conditions maybe rejected or subject to restocking fees:

  • Any product that does not exhibit the described reason for the return (i.e., a return initiated for a DOA product that powers on and works properly upon inspection).
  • Any product with missing, damaged, altered, or otherwise unreadable serial number label, manufacturer model or part number label, and/or warranty label.
  • Any product that is returned without all original packaging and accessories, including the retail box, manuals, cables, and all other items originally included with the product. Refund returns received in this condition may incur a restocking fee or be rejected.
  • Any product from which the UPC code has been removed from its packaging.
  • Any product that exhibits physical damage. If you received your product damaged, please contact JUlaVIE Customer Service within one week of delivery.
  • Any product which appears tampered, customized, or altered in any way.


Warranty Terms


Every JULaVIE machine comes with a 2 year warranty. Terms below.

  • Visual Damages – This must be reported within one week of the package being received. Inclusve of:
    • Scratches on the surface of the machine unit.
    • Dents on the surface of the machine unit.
  • Mechanical Issues – Your warranty covers the following mechanical issues:
    • The machine does not start when the Juice Button is pressed.
    • The compartment cover (slide) on top cannot be closed or open properly.
    • The compartment cover should remain closed during juicing. If it opens or can be opened when machine is in operation, then it is malfunctioning.
    • You should only hear a soft hum during machine operation, if you are hearing a loud noise, then machine is malfunctioning
    • Machine parts are loose or are falling off.
  • Machine Force
    • If your machine cannot produce 200ml of juice from 400g apples (1 big or a couple of small ones), then machine is not delivering ideal pressure.
  • Other forms of damage
    • If there is damage that resulted from failure to follow instructions from the Juicing Guide (comes with purchase), then the warranty will be voided
      1. Water found inside the machine.
      2. Repeated excessive overflow by stuffing too much produce inside the inner filter (or filling beyond marked fill line).