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julavie machine - The MachineCold Press Juicer that uses 8 tons of force

Health buffs, juice enthusiasts, and even people curious about juicing have all been steering towards cold press juicing. This way of juicing fruits and vegetables uses a hydraulic press that uses tons of force to extract liquid from different kinds of produce. What sets it apart from other juicing machines is that it does not blend and introduce heat and air in the process. This keeps most nutrients and minerals in the juicing process.

Our team wanted to give our consumers the maximum juicing experience and be able to get as much nutrients in each glass of their juice. That’s why we developed JUlaVIE, a cold press juicing machine designed to exert up to 8 tons of force during the juicing process. It is currently one of the at-home best cold press juicers in the market that exerts that much force. This amount of pressure makes every glass of juice from our machine contain every drop of juice possible. Reaching your health and fitness goals through a daily healthy habit such as juicing is now possible because of JUlaVIE.

What makes it the best cold press juicer at home?

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The JUlaVIE never gets dirty

After preparing the fruits and vegetables for cold press juicing, they go straight into the inner filter and juicing bags before securing inside the machine. The juicing bag is designed to keep the juice from overflowing spilling into the machine. Its spout makes the pressed juice flow straight into the glass.

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It exerts 8 tons of force

Its edge over other best juicers in the market today is that it exerts up to 8 tons of force to press the juice out of fruits and vegetables. Imagine the force of 3 elephants squeezing the juice.

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One press juice button

Easily the best cold press juicer for your home today. Just prepare the juicing bag and safely insert inside the cold press juicer. Press the juice button and wait for 90 seconds. Once done, the machine will reset itself, allowing you to safely remove the juicing bag.

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High quality material

Heavy-duty and resilient engine housed inside a durable but sleek outer case. The JUlaVIE complies with global construction standards. The juicing bags and filters are all food-safe, DFA-approved, and BPA free. So you can be sure of you and your family’s safety.


machines2 - The Machine

The parts of JUlaVIE are made only from high-quality materials that are individually assessed to make sure that every unit passes the high standards that we have set. The inner components are a combination of aluminum, steel, and thermoplastics. The outer casing is made of high-grade weatherproof aluminum while the face and and base of the machine is made from glossy yet sturdy ABS thermoplastic. This makes it easier to wipe juice, dust, or any accumulated debris that sets on the machine over time, rendering it clean and premium-looking with just a simple wipe.

Family-friendly cold press juicing machine

Wide Mouth Design

The juicing bag fits perfectly so that you don’t have to place your hand inside the machine to put the juicing bag in.

Smart Juicing Function

A machine developed to be family friendly. JUlaVIE will only start cold press juicing when the compartment lid is safely shut.

juicer silver white color - The Machine

Secured Juice Dispenser

The machine is designed so that it encloses every part of the engine. The outer shell has an enough opening below to allow the juicing bag spout to go straight into the glass

Pause Function & Power Switch

Power switch included to easily shut off the machine in case of emergency. Juice button also acts as a pause button if machine needs to be stopped.

The best cold press juicer for your home that is easy to use for the whole family

No stressful assembly, truly user-friendly

Many people who start juicing, even if they use the best juicers in the market today, eventually lose their enthusiasm. One reason that keeps them from maintaining this healthy and nutritious habit is the tedious process of having to assemble the parts before, and the cleaning up process after juicing. It’s a task that not many people enjoy, especially those who barely have time to do all of these stuff on a daily basis.

  wash - The Machine

JUlaVIE believes that the way to a healthier lifestyle is through a keystone habit that one can easily keep and maintain. A daily healthy habit that does not require too much effort, so that accomplishing it can be easily managed. That is the reason why we developed an at-home best cold press juicer. It’s not just a machine, it’s your partner in achieving a healthier life.

Cold press juicing has never been this easy!