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Juisir is now proudly branded JUlaVIE

Juice In 90 Seconds

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8 Tons of Pressure

Our team wanted not only an easy to use machine, but one that delivered the benefits of cold pressed juice

Benefits of cold pressed juice

Higher juice yield

You save money because nothing gets wasted as 8 tons of force efficiently squeezes out juice down to the last drop.

Slower oxidization

High speed juicers introduce more oxygen to your juice, causing it to spoil faster. Cold pressing minimizes the process so you can keep your juice fresher longer.

More complete nutrition

Minimal heat extraction preserves the nutrients, making sure every glass of juice is packed with nutrients and minerals.

Faster Digestion

Unlike blenders, cold pressing leaves out the fibrous pulp of fruits and vegetables. So instead of our body taking time to digest them to absorb the nutrients, it gives an instant boost, fighting toxins and improving our health and immune system.

If you want to know more about why cold pressed juice is better for you than other types of juicing- read more here – or here
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Cold-pressing works by extracting juice by crushing and pressing the ingredient. This process minimizes oxidization which keeps your juice fresh-tasting. With the machine’s 8 tons of force, we ensure you the highest juice yield possible. It also uses minimal heat, keeping the ingredients’ nutrients intact.